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All health begins in the gut" - Hippocrates

Built upon a philosophy of cleanse, restore and maintain, the Digestive Tune-Up* is a three-step process that cleanses, soothes and repairs the gastrointestinal system: removing unwanted and unhealthy organisms, calming existing irritations and aiding in sustainable long-term digestive health.

Did you know that our gut bacteria:

  • helps produce hormones like SEROTONIN (your happy hormone)

  • aids in the extraction and absorption of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and antioxidants for ENERGY

  • aids in managing APPETITE and WEIGHT

  • controls our MOODS

  • assists our IMMUNE SYSTEM


That's why it is so important to make sure the digestive system is healthy and that the micro biome is balanced.


How LED Light Therapy Works
Just as plants absorb and convert sunlight into cellular building blocks, skin absorbs therapeutic light and uses it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration to produce collagen and elastin, kill Propioni­bacterium acnes (P. acnes) bacteria, reduce inflammation and speed healing.

The Beauty of Technology
Each LightStim product uses different wavelengths, or colors, of light. When this beneficial light is applied directly to the skin it helps to increase collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammation, speed healing, increase circulation, destroy acne bacteria and promote total body wellness.

LightStim for Pain
Utilizing the same technology, wavelengths and benefits as the Professional Pain Light, LightStim for Pain is FDA-cleared to temporarily relieve arthritic pain, muscle and joint pain, and stiffness.

Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

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