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The DMK methods of removal orchestrate chemical actions in the skin. This not only stimulates the natural sloughing of redundant cuticle but also utilizes reverse osmosis to flood the tissue with oxygen and vital nutrients. The results are immediately seen with the DMK Plasmatic Effect, and bring about homeostasis to the tissue in aging, acne and hyper pigmentation clients, as well as to scars and other skin abnormalities.

The DMK Plasmatic Effect

We believe that better skin leads to a better life.

We believe in creating confidence.

We believe a beautiful day starts with beautiful skin.

We believe in being the best version of yourself and smiling at the reflection in the mirror.

We believe in loving your skin and that great skin lights up the world.

We believe that everyone deserves great skin.

We believe in giving you the skin you dream of and we believe in happy skin.


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